Pressing Matters

I decided to build an ironing board. “What?” you say. “Just go buy one.” The type of ironing board I need isn’t sold anywhere, so I resorted to my back–up plan, build it. I needed a large flat surface on which to iron flat pieces of fabric used in my crafts. When I use a … More Pressing Matters

Pancakes and Poison Ivy

The start of school marks the non-meteorological end of summer so I thought I’d share one of my fondest camping stories from my childhood. Growing up in the sixties, our family vacations consisted of road trips, where “making good time” seemed to be the objective, or week-long camping trips. In my younger days, we mostly … More Pancakes and Poison Ivy

UFOs and Butterflies

Those of you in the knitting world will know that UFOs does not refer to alien spaceships but to something with much more dire consequences. Un-Finished-Objects. The bane of all crafters everywhere. I know that when the creative spirit strikes, I’m eager to formulate my plan, select my materials, and get started knitting, sewing, or … More UFOs and Butterflies

Travel By the Numbers

Pimla and her hubby took a road trip in early August.  Here are the statistics. Seven states visited:  Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and West Virginia. 1821.3 miles traveled. Eight cities visited:  Greenville, South Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; Chattanooga and Nashville, Tennessee; Louisville, Frankfort, Lawrenceburg, and Georgetown, Kentucky; and Blacksburg, Virginia. FOUR TOURS … More Travel By the Numbers