About Pimla

Pimla is a poor, tortured soul who is hopelessly addicted to all pursuits creative.

She learned to sew at a young age and thus began her fabric fetish.

Acting as her dad’s helper, she was bit by the carpentry bug and loves the smell of fresh-cut lumber.  A trip through the tool department at the local hardware store is pure nirvana!

After becoming a homeowner in her 30s, she jumped head-first (ouch!) into gardening going so far as to turn the entire front lawn of her suburban home into a flower garden.  Alas, time and gravity, not to mention achy joints, caught up to her and she began to scale back the flowerbeds and transition into more lawn.  (Her husband is in charge of the lawn.  More work for him, less work for her.)

The creative siren called again and she took up knitting and crocheting.  And began accumulating yarn…currently 19 types, including ancient acrylic, wool, sequin, cotton and corn…totaling over 13,000 yards.  And if that wasn’t enough, lasts year’s cotton growing experiment led her into spinning!  She started with a drop spindle and has progressed to a spinning wheel and is the proud possessor of wool, silk, llama, alpaca, and yak fiber.

And yet, all these pursuits were not enough.  Looking to use up all those fabric scraps from sewing, she delved into quilting.  What started off as simple machine assembled lap quilts for charity has morphed into nap-time throws entirely hand-stitched.  And yes, she has a quilting frame to hand quilt these works of fabric art.

Wait…there’s more!  We can’t forget the beads!  With more beads than one person can use, Pimla has made jewelry to go with every outfit.  She also takes time to restring and repair some necklaces for a friend.

It’s a good thing she retired in 2010 after 30 years as a school librarian. With all these projects going on, she’d never have time to go to work!

In July, she took her creative pursuits to the next level and started selling items online.  Check out her shop on Etsy.  www.etsy.com/shop/pimlaoriginals



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