The Value of Skills

I had an electrician at my house the other day.  I needed some fans replaced, a switch repaired, and some exterior outlets put in.  Now I used to do things like replace fans but the thought of crawling around in the attic to replace the bathroom exhaust fan was depressing.  At my age I’d rather write a check than “do it yourself.”

As the guys were working on the projects, I was sitting in my craft room finishing up the details on a rag rug I had recently woven.  I was listening to the guy replace the faulty switch and thinking about the skills needed for the job and how quickly they had finished the other projects.  It would have taken me all day just to replace one fan.  And I would be bruised, battered, and probably have a least one injury requiring a bandage, not to mention the soreness that would follow the next day.  How easily and quickly the professional took care of it.  And then I began to think about each individual’s skill set.  Had the electrician looked in my craft room and seen me sewing a label onto my rug, he likely would have marveled that I could create such a piece when it was nothing to me.  At the same time, hubby was in the kitchen cooking up a batch of his hot pepper salsa.  I try to stay out of the kitchen.

We all have skills that we take for granted.  Tasks that are easy, routine, and take minimal thought.  Others who don’t have that skill are impressed that we could accomplish such a feat.  In this day of the Wal-Mart mentality of buying everything cheap, we’ve lost sight of the skills that we can’t outsource to China, like that of skilled professionals, particularly plumbers and electricians.

Take time to celebrate your skills and talents, and to appreciate and value those skills in others.  We all have something to contribute.


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