Random Thoughts on a November Day

1.  What happened to summer? This was a crazy summer. June started out with two weeks of 99+ degree temperature days. Then it got cold. Then hot again. Then too much rain. Then not enough. And now, the weather is balmy and humid. I’ve got flowers still blooming that should have died off weeks ago.

2.  Goodbye Daylight Savings Time. I dread this time of year. Yes, there is the changing of the clocks to be done. And it’s when you realize just how many clocks you have in your house (and car). Thank goodness the digital devices take care of that themselves. Now if I could just get the stove and microwave to cooperate. But what I really dread about Eastern Standard Time is that darkness comes at 5 p.m. That’s just too early. I feel like I need to crawl in a cave and hibernate until spring. Maybe I was a bear in a previous lifetime.

3.  I’m mad at my cotton crop. For the past 3-4 years, I’ve grown several cotton plants in my garden. I would happily harvest fluffy cotton from about August until frost. Well, this year, I’ve only harvested a little cotton back in August. And the stink bugs ruined a lot of that. Now I’m faced with hundreds of green cotton bolls just tormenting me because they won’t open. And it won’t get cold enough for a frost so the plants will die. Evil cotton, indeed.

"Open Sesame"
                        “Open Sesame”

4.  Snow preparations are done. Here in coastal Virginia, we seldom see significant snowfall, maybe about every 3 years. Last year was supposed to be an “off” year but I had to shovel the driveway three times within a month. I wasn’t prepared so I had to traipse through a foot of snow to the shed to get the snow shovel and my boots. This year, I moved all my tools to the garage so I’d be ready. I’m hoping my preparedness will scare away any future snowflakes.

5.  “You’d better fire up that generator.” My husband made that comment to me all summer long. I said, “Yeah, I’ll get to it.” And I promptly forgot. Enter Hurricane Joaquin. All the forecast models had us in the bulls eye for this monster storm. I was expecting Jim Cantore to show up any day. So I got the generator out (and my instructions) and gave it a go. And nothing happened. Then I smelled gas. And it was running out the back. And the instruction book was no help. So off to the repair center with a frantic look in my eye. They were kind enough to repair it in one day so we were safe from the calamity that was coming. And then the storm moved out in the ocean. So I vowed that I would get out the generator and test fire it on the first of each month. Just in case. (And I remembered to change the battery in the smoke detector, too.)

6.  Halloween has come and the candy has gone. Thank goodness!!


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