UFOs and Butterflies

Those of you in the knitting world will know that UFOs does not refer to alien spaceships but to something with much more dire consequences. Un-Finished-Objects. The bane of all crafters everywhere. I know that when the creative spirit strikes, I’m eager to formulate my plan, select my materials, and get started knitting, sewing, or weaving. I work along gladly, enjoying the process as the object of my desires takes shape, until about halfway through. Then it becomes an exercise in willpower to finish it. But that’s not where the UFOs come in. It’s all the little details that have to be done for the project to be complete that are tedious and time consuming. Time I would rather spend starting something new because, face it, by now I’m tired of looking at that same old thing! I’ve tried leaving the item out on the work table in my craft room, hoping that elves or Ooompa Loompas will come in during the night and take care of them. But, as many times as I’ve tried that tactic, it never seems to work.

So last week, with 5 projects in various states of finishing, I decided to slog my way through and get them done. Since I make things to sell in my Etsy shop, I have to hand sew on product labels, make content and care tags, weave in ends, sew pieces together, sew linings for purses and totes, take photographs for posting, box up and weigh items for packaging, write up descriptions, and finally, list the items. Phew!

As I worked diligently, looking longingly out the window, some movement caught my eye. There were two butterflies flitting around the lantana bush right outside my window. I grabbed my camera and slowly raised the window blind. Surely, they would fly away before I could get a shot. I zoomed in and snapped away as fast as I could, not sure of what I shot.

IMG_2151IMG_2147 IMG_2150I managed to capture a few good photos – even shooting through glass and a screen! But even this one surprised me!


So the moral of my story is: even though I don’t have a finishing department, or elves, or Oompa Loompas, the butterflies rewarded my diligent work with a little joy.


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