A Movie Yarn

My husband and I are blitz movie goers.  We’ve seen three movies in the past three weeks and I think the last movie we saw was sometime in the summer.  It just seems that all the movies we want to see are all showing at the same time.  We still have three more titles on our to-see list and I hope that they don’t go away before we can get to the theater.  Yesterday we went to see Unbroken.  I had read the book for my book club and I’m always anxious to how closely the movie follows the book.  I have to say that it was a pretty true to the book.  Although, when translating a 400+ page book to a movie, even a two and half hour one, a few bits get overlooked…or perhaps my memory is slipping, but that’s another blog!

Since we could now be called “frequent viewers” I knew we would have about 20 minutes of quasi-advertisements and another 20 of previews.  So I did what any self-respecting movie goer would do.  I took knitting.  Now I didn’t take just any knitting.  I needed to knit a four yard I-cord for the felted backpack I’m making and I-cord is so mind numbing, it practically knits itself.  What could go wrong?  So, there I sat, happily knitting my 4-stitch I-cord – through the advertisements – through the previews – and when the movie started, I just kept knitting.  Since it was pretty dark, I had to feel for the stitches and I kept counting one, two, three, four in my head as I knitted.  I took pains to go slowly so as not to drop one of my needles.  I’m terrible about dropping straight needles.  It’s like they want to get away from me.  Wouldn’t you know it?  One slipped from my fingers!  Thanks to some quick reflexes by my knees, I caught it in my lap and didn’t have to feel around for it on the sticky theater floor.  Things were going along nicely when I discovered that somewhere along the line, my four-stitch I-cord had become a five-stitch I-cord.  No problem.  I just knit two stitches together on the next round and all was well.  But, I felt for the stitches more carefully from then on.

As the movie was coming to a close, I packed my yarn and needles back in the bag, satisfied that I had seen a great movie and got one more project closer to being finished!


Two yards knitted!
Two yards knitted!

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