What’s Happening in the Sewing Room …Tree Bags

Well, the holiday season has come and it’s time to get out the decorations and deck the halls.  Every year, my husband and I wrestle the trees (yes, multiple trees) out of the attic.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced that once you take a tree out of the box, the tree increases twofold in size while the box shrinks.  Consequently, I never even attempt to put the tree back in its box.  Since I can’t just plop a naked tree up in the attic and subject it to dust, cobwebs, and the like, I had to find an alternate storage container.  So a few years ago, I got some cheap muslin fabric and sewed up a bag to store the tree in.  This was a simple bag with just a side seam and a drawstring closure at the top and bottom.  This way, I could pull the tree out from either end without having to pull against the branches.

The original tree bag.
The original tree bag.


This worked well for a couple of years but the trees, with their multiple sections, were unwieldy to handle and we took to calling them “the dead bodies.”  This year, when the top post on one tree broke while pulling it out of the bag (fixed with bungee cords), I decided there had to be a better solution.  What I needed was a bag more closely fitted to the size of the dismantled tree and one that would zip up on the sides.  I came up with flat design so I could lay the tree on the fabric, fold over the top, and zip it closed on three sides.  I dug out some industrial zippers I saved from another project and got to work.

After deciding the appropriate size needed, I dismantled the old bag and cut the fabric to the correct size.

Then I sewed on the zipper and pressed my seam.

Sewing on the zipper.
Sewing on the zipper.

 I added handles to each end to make it easier to get the fully loaded bags in and out of the attic.

The finished bag
The finished bag

The only bad part of this project is that now I have to wait until after the holidays to put the trees in the bags!


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