My Knitting is Going to the Dogs

Last fall, while having some friends over to watch a football game, my husband was showing a couple my yarn and fiber stash (which I fondly call “the kraken”). One friend asked him, “Do you think she could knit me a sweater for my dog? None of the ones I find at the pet store fit him.” When he relayed the message to me, I thought, “hmmm, I’ve never knitted a dog sweater but, why not?” I searched for a pattern I liked and after getting the dog’s measurements, I started knitting. They wanted a bright orange sweater since their dog, Jet, was completely black and they would lose sight of him when he went out in the yard at night. The sweater was so cute when finished, I couldn’t wait to see how the dog liked it. Check it out. I think he was a satisfied customer.


Next, I decided to make a sweater for a friend’s dog for Christmas. Since this was a surprise, I had to guess at the measurements. Our friend went to UVA so I decided to knit the sweater in school colors – orange and blue.

Gino is a loyal Hoos fan.
Gino is a loyal Hoos fan.

After two satisfied customers, I decided to offer my sweater to the public.
Check it out.

I have knitted twelve sweaters so far and have lots of views on this item.

Only now, every time I see a dog I think, “That dog needs a sweater!”


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