Pimla Goes to Maine

A misplaced finger on the touch screen lead me to discover the Fiber ME tour. What’s that you ask?  It’s a week-long immersion into all things fiber related – fiber animals, mills, dye houses, etc.  And since this year’s tour just happen to coincide with our 26th anniversary, I formulated a plan for a trip to Maine to see what has changed since our honeymoon in Bar Harbor.

Day 1:  Home to Portland, Maine

Our pre-dawn flight from home arrived in Portland about 9 a.m.  After taking care of the essentials – rental car, breakfast, maps – we headed to the Portland waterfront.  The area we remembered was pretty desolate, empty warehouses and not much else.  Now it is a vibrant area full of retail and dining.  The warehouses have been restored and are now prime real estate.

Pimla is also enamored with lighthouses so we headed to South Portland to photograph probably one of the best known lighthouses, Portland Head Light.  Next was a privately owned light near Two Lights State Park.  The Spring Point Ledge Light was open for visitors on Saturday so we stopped by.  This light was at the end of a long jetty made of giant, and I DO mean giant, flat-topped granite boulders.  I walked out to the light.  My husband declined.  I didn’t take the tour.  My days of climbing lighthouse stairs has long passed.  The fourth light was at the Portland breakwater called Bug Light.  It was a nice easy walk along a waterfront park.  My husband came with me this time.

Back downtown, we checked out the shops.  I bought a tote bag made from recycled sails at Sea Bags.  When traveling, I always try to find unique items that are locally made or handcrafted.  We had a late lunch at Dimillo’s Restaurant – a former ferry boat.  We dined the here our previous visit to Maine and were glad to see it was still in operation.

Now, my plan for these posts from the road was to included a picture or two of the places we visited.  I’m old school and like to use a real camera and I never figured out how to send the pics to my iPad so all the pictures I had taken so far were trapped until they could be downloaded.  I planned (and I use that term loosely) to take a picture with my phone from time to time so I could include it.  Well, I didn’t remember my plan until we got to our hotel, and actually I took that picture the next day.

The Inn at St. John was a quaint hotel with old fashioned charm.  After the hustle and bustle of the waterfront area, it was nice to stay a little bit away for some calm and quiet.  And if you’re a baseball fan, the Portland Sea Dogs minor league team plays at Hadlock Field, just a short, one block walk away.


The Inn at St. John
The Inn at St. John


Portland Sea Dogs played the Trenton Thunder.
Portland Sea Dogs played the Trenton Thunder.

After our early start, we left the game before it ended.   We were able to enter the hotel from the back door since we got back before they lock the door.  Or as my husband said…we got back before curfew.


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