Maine: The Road Less Traveled

Day 2 on the great Maine adventure finds us traveling from Portland to Bath along U.S. route 1.   I’m sure I could have “made good time” as my dad always said if I had taken I-295 but I prefer to take the road less traveled and to stop  and smell the roses along the way.

Our first stop was about a half hour north of Portland, in Freeport.  Now I’m sure everyone knows the retailer synonymous with this little town.  And yes, we stopped in L. L. Bean.  There also seems to be a plethora of brand name outlet stores that have sprouted like weeds after a rain. But why go on vacation to shop in stores that are probably near your home or where you can order online.  If you visit Freeport, walk a little ways down Main Street away from the outlets and over a block off Main and you will find delightful stores selling hand crafted items made by local Maine crafts people.

Main Street in Freeport, Maine
Main Street in Freeport, Maine

I found the most unique items at The Wishful Moon including a door mat woven from lobster trap ropes (I bought a lobster trap on my first visit to Maine) and some sea glass earrings made by a local who dives to find the sea glass himself.

We stopped for lunch at The Lobster Cooker.  It was such a nice day, we dined on the patio and enjoyed the sounds of an acoustic trio.  This group didn’t have a name, just three guys who get together to play, but one member has a group called Stolen Mojo.  It made for a very pleasant afternoon.

The acoustic trio playing on the patio.
The acoustic trio playing on the patio.


It was time to hit the road and head to Bath, our home away from home for the next week.

Inn at Bath
Inn at Bath

After checking in to our B & B, we drove around the waterfront to get familiar with the area.  We headed to Halcyon Yarn for an orientation session for the Fiber tour.  It sounds like we’re in for an exciting week.


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