If You Can’t Find It … Build It!

Everyone has a spot in their house that can be called their “command center.”  That spot for me is my recliner in the den.  It’s a great spot to relax with a good book, watch TV, knit, or keep up with my social media.  I had a great side table next to my sofa with a built-in drink holder and two drawers for all those things that need to be close by but out-of-sight.  The only problem was that with the position of the chair next to the sofa, I had a hard time opening the drawers.  So I moved the side table on the other side of the recliner to have full access to the drawers and put a folding tray table next to the sofa.  This worked well but now I had a tangle of cords visible on the floor.  There was the lamp cord, cordless telephone charger, phone charger, iPad charger, and an extension cord.  What a mess!  Plus, my knitting basket wouldn’t fit between the legs of the tray table.  I thought about this problem for a while and decided to build a side table to meet my needs.  First, the top needed to be a little longer.  Second, the legs needed to be straight so I could slip my knitting basket underneath the table.  Third, and most importantly, I needed a way to plug in all my electronics and to hide the cords.  I came up with a design to have a narrow hidden compartment under the table top for all the cords but with a slot so I could easily access my charging cords and I decided to hinge the top so I could easily add or remove plugs as needed.  So after a few days of assembly, sanding, and finishing, I had my new table.

The finished table in place.
The finished table in place.


Open the top and see the secret compartment!
Open the top and see the secret compartment!

After plugging all the chargers in and feeding the ends of the cords to the edge for easy access, I closed the lid and stepped back to admire my new creation.  I was pretty satisfied.  It was the right size, all the clutter was hidden, and the knitting basket fit underneath perfectly!  So imagine my dismay when I plugged in my iPad and still got a message that I needed to charge it!   Well, it helps if you actually TURN ON the power strip!




One thought on “If You Can’t Find It … Build It!

  1. Table looks better than anything you can buy in a store and it is smote as a baby’s but. you can’t feel any flaws that may have been in the wood. It is one of the nicest piece she has made yet.

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