A Blog about Blogging (or How I Learned to Live with Social Media)

If you’d asked me a few years ago about blogging, I would have told you I have no interest in blogging. I mean, what would I write about? Then, a dear friend started telling me about her blog. Still, I thought, what’s the point?   Then she started sending me links to read her posts. OK, so I signed up to read her posts, that’s all! Soon I was commenting on her posts and she would suggest that something I said would be a good topic for a blog. Well, it all went downhill from there. I created my own blog and wrote my first post. I kept my blog private and invited a few readers. I would post now and then when I came up with something spectacular to blog about.

Fast forward a few months and now my blog is public, I post regularly, and my mind is always thinking, “Could I blog about that?” What I find so intriguing about blogging now is the worldwide audience my posts attract. Whenever I receive notifications that someone “liked” my post or is following my blog, I always go to their blog to see where they are located. I’ve read posts from so many varied individuals. It makes the world seem not such a big, scary place after all.

If blogging was the first step on the slippery slope of social media, then I’m on my way downhill. My next foray was Twitter. I connected with some friends and family and I like the short and sweet philosophy Twitter embraces. Still haven’t gotten many followers or really figured out the whole hashtag thing, but I keep at it. I’ve only waded in up to my knees, so far.

Now, I’m attempting to tackle Pintrest. I created a board and pinned a few items, but the vastness of the whole enterprise has got me just testing the waters. Usually with one of these new ventures, I set up the account, edit my settings, try one action, and then get so overwhelmed that I log out and go back to something safe, like knitting. No high tech worries there!

I realize that each time I use one of these media, it gets a little easier and I find more features. But I’m not going to dip my toes into the Facebook waters any time soon. I keep telling people I’m in witness protection and can’t join Facebook. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Famous last words! Well, I fell victim to Facebook, too. I created the page, wrote a post, found a few friends (mostly family members), and sat back and waited. Soon I was getting friend requests from high school friends, and friends of friends, and people who were friends with the friends of my friends. It was a bit overwhelming. The thing I’ve noticed about Facebook is that folks post a lot of links to other stuff. I try to keep my posts original material, somewhat satirical, and thought provoking. It’s fun to comment on others’ posts. The biggest benefit I’ve seen with Facebook is the ability to connect with my nieces who live out-of-town. I can keep up with their activities and get to know them better. I guess if you want to connect the kids of the digital age, you have to go where they are…and that’s definitely online!

My next step is to create a business Facebook page for my Etsy shop. But I swear that’s going to be the last of my social media! I mean it! Yeah, right.


2 thoughts on “A Blog about Blogging (or How I Learned to Live with Social Media)

  1. I don’t do social media but I am glad pam does. she has taught me so much about what is going on in that world and shares pictures quotes and stories that sometimes are hard to believe. Pam is getting real good at this social media thing where you learn more about friends and family than just talking to them.

  2. I just got a notification from Word Press that I signed up three years ago! It’s hard for me to believe that I have been blogging that long!

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