Something Old, Something New, Not Borrowed, But Now Blue

While cleaning out my mom’s house, I came across her old knitting bag.

My mom's knitting bag.
My mom’s knitting bag.

I loved the design; the wooden frame, the closure and how it could be opened without sitting on the floor.  The cover was torn in one spot and the inside pocket was a little worse for wear but the frame was in sound condition.  I kept the bag and decided to sew a new cover for it.

A little tear here…
… a little rip there.

As I embarked on the project, I chose a blue floral print fabric that was part of my mother’s fabric stash.  I carefully examined how the existing cover was sewn and attached to the frame. I discovered that when initially made, the cover was sewn and slipped on a partially assembled frame.  Then the other part of the frame was attached.  I tried to carefully pull the cross piece out of the side frame and then spotted the tiny nail holding it all together.  I knew I would have to take apart the old cover to use as a pattern and sew the new cover around the frame.  Not impossible, but certainly challenging.

The de-constructed bag
The de-constructed bag

What saved the day was my mother’s sewing machine.  Hers has a piece that comes off to make sewing sleeves and cuffs easier.  So after a quick tutorial on how to use her machine (one with a drop in bobbin winder!), I got to work.  A few hours later, I had a new knitting bag, complete with handles for carrying and a snap closure, two modifications I added.

The finished bag
The finished bag

This project was a real tribute to my mother, who herself, was a very accomplished seamstress.  Not only did I remake her knitting bag, but I did it while using her fabric stash, sewing on her machine, and sitting in her sewing chair, a chair that fits perfectly in my sewing closet.

Folded and showing off the handles
Folded and showing off the handles

I guess this means I will have to retire my old 1975 Montgomery Ward sewing machine.


5 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New, Not Borrowed, But Now Blue

  1. I got my 1975 machine IN 1975. It’s out of the sewing cabinet but only gone as far as the garage. Still not trusting the new machine!

    1. I know what you mean. I traded for my grandmother’s Elna for a “new” Elna. Her’s was much newer than mine, but the electronics were already obsolete by the time it got to me.

  2. Pam’s new bag on a frame looks better in person than in pictures and now she has the mothball smell out of the fabric of the last 30 years it is nice to see it sitting in the room and not stinking. I guess if she is going to sew more I will have to think she is going for a mother daughter look like when she sits at the machine. Ha Ha.

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