Son of Kraken

Well, it was bound to happen.  Go to a couple of fiber festivals and you’ll soon run out of storage.  I thought I had solved my problems when I hung a half-dozen crates on the wall.  (Read my post “Release the Kraken” for an explanation.)  So now I find myself with skeins of acrylic and balls of cotton for my custom knit projects, cones of yarn for weaving, and baskets of yarn for sweaters I want to make for myself and no more storage!

So if you noticed a burning smell recently, it was just those creative wheels turning overtime.  I decided to put some kind of storage on the wall over my closet door.  Up out of the way, but visible and easily accessible.  So, I went in search of some type of crate or basket I could hang on the wall.  I went to Lowe’s, Home Depot, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Office Max.  I found folding, fabric boxes but they were too limp to mount sideways.  I found plastic crates but they were too big to fit between the closet framing and the ceiling.  I found sturdy baskets but they had sloping sides and when hung sideways on the wall, all my stuff would fall out!

I came home defeated but not out of the game.  Then I remembered that I might have a few more crates in the attic only to discover that the ones I thought were in the attic were the ones I had hanging on my wall already!  Then I remembered some wide shelving I had previously used in my office.  Eureka!  In my attic were three six-foot long, twelve inch wide, white melamine boards.  I also found the brackets I had used with the boards.  So a couple of hours later, I had a nice wide shelf mounted on the wall running the length of the room.  And it is already full!

My new shelf

I guess my alternatives are to step up production and use up my stash or stop buying yarn and fiber. Yeah, like that’s really going to happen!



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