Label Lament

Ever experienced the frustration of bringing home a new item only to have your excitement diminished by the aggravation of trying to get the &?$)@!( label off?

I mean, here is this pristine new object, one you included on your list, one you considered where you could buy it, one you felt victorious when you found it, only to have to go through the wretched experience of getting the label off. And of course, the label is never in a hidden away spot. Oh no, it’s right up front and center!

Fruitless attempt to peel off the label
Fruitless attempt to peel off the label

So you try to carefully peel it off from one corner and what happens? Let’s say it all together… “the label shreds into tiny pieces.” I guess it’s time to resort to the Goo Gone. But wait, the manufacturer in his effort to make the label impervious to everything short of a nuclear blast has put a layer of protective plastic OVER the paper label so now the Goo Gone won’t penetrate it! So you have to peel off the plastic layer, peel off some of the slick paper on the top so the Goo Gone will reach the pulpy layer underneath. Hopefully this will meet with success.

Clear plastic on top of the label
Clear plastic on top of the label

In this age of reduce, reuse, recycle, I like to make use of plastic containers after the original contents are finished but getting the labels off is an exercise in itself. (I wonder how many calories that burns?)

I mean, we can put a man on the moon, though not recently, and send communications around the world in milliseconds, how hard is it to come up with a label adhesive that easily peels off plastic containers? (And thank you, thank you, thank you to the few manufacturers who do!)

The label peeled cleanly off this Del Monte container
The label peeled cleanly off this Del Monte container

Maybe Congress should pass a law? No, that would probably be too hard for them. Gotta go pick some labels.


2 thoughts on “Label Lament

  1. If it is on a non cloth object, The best thing I have found for getting labels off is Goo gone. Sure has saved me a lot of aggravation about labels.

  2. I agree with Pam as I have watched her try o get the labels off things for a long rime and I must confess most of it is for me but she does a good job and I am very grateful.

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