Release the Kraken!

Well, maybe it’s not a kraken but ever since I started knitting and spinning, I’ve felt like my yarn and fiber stash was a legendary sea monster.  Having pondered the storage and access problem for many days, I decided to hang storage crates on the wall and group the yarn and fiber by color.

Now I had to decide on the storage bins.  I trolled the web for a few possibilities when “Eureka!” I remembered I had some plastic crates in the attic.  I cleaned them up and decided on a diagonal pattern.  By spacing the crates just right, I gained two extra sections in the middle.  Then I decided to put a piece of plexiglass on the edge to gain four more diagonal spaces.

Hmmm?  But how to attach the plexi?  I tried several possibilities and ended up with closet shelving clips.  Perfect!.  This project was really shaping up just as I imagined!  I cut my plexi to size and ran into my first roadblock.

Word to the wise:  NEVER store plexiglass in the attic.  The years of heat BAKED the protective film to the surface.  I tried Goo Gone, WD40, a heat gun, and soaking in hot, soapy water.  All to no avail. So after a trip to the hardware store for new plexiglass, my yarn and fiber storage project was complete.


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