Fiber is Good

“I’m going to a fiber festival this weekend.”

“Oh, fiber optics?”

“You’re going to learn about nutrition and eating better?”

“No.  Fiber…like yarn.”

Those were the comments my friend received when she mentioned going to the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival with me September 29 & 30.

What a sensory experience it was!  Our eyes were treated to a rainbow of colors.  Our hands were compelled to touch the myriad of yarn and fiber.  Our ears took in the sounds of alpacas, llamas, goats and sheep.  After the initial shock of sensory overload, we buckled down to the serious business of shopping.

I was immediately drawn to the buckets, baskets, and packages of fiber.  Having recently taken up spinning, it was like being in Santa’s workshop.  I was so enamored with all the fiber that I called my husband to share my news.

Me:  Honey, I have good news and bad news.   The good news is I bought an alpaca.

The bad news is you have to clear out your garage for him to live in.

Him:  (stunned silence)  Uhhhh….

Me:  No animal.  I just bought the fleece.

Him:  (audible relief)

My friend caught the spinning bug and by Sunday afternoon was the proud owner of a previously loved spinning wheel.  After two days of fun, we headed home with two fleeces, a spinning wheel, several patterns, and loads of fiber.

Postscript:  My husband called on the way home to tell me that I won the raffle drawing.  My prize?  A portable loom.  I guess I’ll have to add weaving to my list of fiber crafts.


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